4 Steps To a Better You

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There are a number of ways you can improve yourself and become extraordinary.

1. Brain Training

  • You can increase your IQ, become more intelligent, and smart by focused brain training. Over the course of your life, your brain has the ability to reshape connections when faced with new experiences. At any age, the brain can grow new neurons and the more mental stimulation you get, the more brain function is improved. By focused exercises of the brain you can improve your attention, problem solving skills, and processing speed.

2. Speed Reading

Do you know that you can take your reading speed up to 1000 words per minute with full comprehension? Reading can be time consuming. If your work or daily routine involves a lot of reading, you can surely do with a speed reading programme. If you can speed read with comprehension, it helps you in your academics, your personal life, and career. To advance to your next level, you should be acquiring knowledge through reading and studying – this is how we educate ourselves.

Ability to speed read will take a number of techniques that unlock the power of the mind to read faster; cover more ground with comprehension. Speed reading helps you in your career as well because you are able to documents and reports in a very short term and use the rest of your time for analysis and other value adding activities. Anyone can learn speed reading.

3. Memory Training

  • What if you were in a get-together or a business presentation and you were going to be introduced to 15 people you have never met or heard of and these people were really important to your success. What if on being introduced to these 15 people, after the first introduction you could remember the names and faces of each one? Pretty cool right? Well it is possible for anyone to build such a powerful memory. With such a powerful memory you would be able to build relationships, improve your relationship, network better, increase your output and accomplish much more than you do now.

You can accomplish it with memory training. With memory training you become like a human computer. What would make you so extraordinary is the ability to accomplish extraordinary things and build relationships.

4. Affirmations

  • People make affirmations all the time. Sometimes they’re positive and sometimes they’re negative. Extraordinary people have learned to use their time and effort to focus on the little things that bring great results. Making affirmations is one of such things that bring about great changes and helps us accomplish so much. 

A higher level of using affirmations is subliminal messaging. Typically we are bombarded everyday with messages that gets into our subconscious, stays there, and produces results. Now through subliminal messaging you can purposefully place positive affirmations in front of your brain while you work and do other things. It will create changes to your subconscious and the result is that you start to accomplish extraordinary things.

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