Happy Process of the Week: Visualization

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What is Visualization?

Visualization is defined as a mental image that is similar to visual perception (Source: Princeton Wordnet Dictionary). It is all about changing your world and your experiences by changing your thoughts and expectations. 

It the act of taking a mental image that you have created and seeing it in your mind and playing it over and all the while seeing yourself in the picture and acting like it is your current reality. It is quite simple but produces outstanding results. What visualization does is that it creates a new reality for you. It has been used in sport and New Thought and now our focus here is to use visualization to manifest the things you want in your life.

How to Use Visualization to Get the Things You Want?

If there is anything you absolutely need to understand today is that you are a co-creator with the Universe. You create the experiences, events, and circumstances that you experience. We will use the process of visualization to create more happiness in your life.

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the things you want in your life. Take a moment to explore different areas of your life, for instance look at your finances, your job, your career, your family life, your relationship, your business, your contribution to society and your community, etc.

Create a mental image of the things you want. Let’s look at an example using a person, let us give her a name, Freeda.  Currently she is not making a lot of money in her job and she does not enjoy her job, and she is living in a dingy little place and is currently single. Let us assume that Freeda decides that she wants to start her own business, buy a nice house on 8th Avenue, and get married to the man of her dreams. Here is the mental image she would create:

  • Freeda is sitting in her new office as the CEO of her new business and she is meeting with suppliers and afterwards has a meeting with her team to discuss business expansion plans due to the demand.
  • She is in her new home and she is in her study brainstorming and generating ideas on how she can expand her business to meet the demand.
  • While she is sitting in the study of her new home, her husband walks in and tells her with a warm smile that he would like to take her out for dinner later.

You get the picture?

So this is what you should do, create a mental image of the things you want. Put in as much detail in your mental image as possible. Create movement in your mental image because it makes it easier to hold on to in your mind. Ensure you are in the picture and you could make the various aspects of the things you want overlap in your mental image.

In visualization always dwell on the end result. For instance did you notice that Freeda did not visualize about meeting her dream partner and trying to set up office and get new clients and customers? Her visualization is about Freeda as the CEO of her new business, living in her new home on 8th Avenue with her husband, and just enjoying every aspect of life.


  1. Just once or twice a day of visualization is sufficient.
  2. Your visualization should not last for longer than ten minutes at a time.
  3. Feel the emotions in your visualization. When visualizing, feel the way you would feel when you are in that picture for real, when you have received the things you want.
  4. See it as done already and be thankful for it.

Keep checking daily for the Happy Process of the Week. It is designed to create happiness in your life and help you live your best life. Every day has a process that will help to make your life brighter, happier, and more fulfilled.

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