How To Create Momentum in 3 Minutes

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By Jeanna Gabellini.

It is common for one to experience fulfillment in some areas of life while feeling like they are backpedaling in another area. If you want to move forward in that one area, it is possible. You will now learn how to create momentum in any area of your life

Here is something you can do right now; seize the moment! It will only take about one minute longer than it takes for you to read this article.

Bring to mind the optimal outcome you want. Just spend a moment articulating, in one or two sentences, the end result you desire. For example, “I found my perfect house on the water and the financing easily fell into place.” Notice I put this in past tense, as if it already happened.

Now, can you identify what is working well about the current situation? What can you appreciate about the situation?

I began looking for a house before my financing was in place and before my mate was on board with this plan. At the time, it looked like an impossible dream. When I was house hunting, I focused appreciation toward my realtor, who was patient, enthusiastic, and compassionate.

I appreciated the fact that many people gave me creative ideas for my financing. Every house gave me a new design or decorating idea.

Make the obstacles less significant.

Remember that no matter what aggravating piece of evidence is revealed to make it look like your goal is being stomped on by the Universe, don’t give it too much attention.

If you release the obstacles as irrelevant, you will always find a way to get your outcome.

Whenever I found a house that piqued my interest, either the price tag was several hundred thousand dollars above my budget, the view was too small, or my partner would find something wrong with the deal. I kept holding out on the hope that the Universe would find a way to bring together all the pieces in an ideal way.

When you’re not feeling inspired or at ease around the goal, stop all action and attention to it.

This is the time to go get involved in the areas of your life that are working well.

Trust me, you will not benefit from trying to make something happen when you are feeling agitated. Even if the area you need movement in is finances. Your finances can’t improve when you’ve got your panties in a wad about them. You’re only a vibrational match to trickles of income when your attitude is in the dumps.

Every moment is an opportunity to acknowledge that there are good things happening in your life.

There might only be one or two things you can find that seem to be okay. Put some energy there. You’re always in transition, and this moment is only temporary. The good stuff is coming, but you have to chill out in the meantime.

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