Take The 30-Day Challenge and Use Affirmations Plus Visualization To Attract Good Luck

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By Wil. M

The Law of Attraction has received a lot of media coverage in the past few years and there has been a lot of hype around it especially after the release of the book and movie, The Secret. There seems to be a lot of people for and against the subject. This is not surprising, given that society has changed significantly and people have a reduced attention span. The truth is that good luck affirmations work!

As a matter of fact, tools associated with the Law of Attraction actually work, and they work well. Most of the misunderstanding around LOA tools is due to people not really taking the time to understand them and use them properly.

Here Is The 30-day Challenge

The challenge involves taking 30 days to use affirmations and visualization to improve your luck. This is not likely going to make you win the lottery but should attract good luck which should manifest as better luck in the daily issues, your life as a whole, and smaller things in life. After 30 days, you should review how your luck has changed.

When you do this, and it achieves results and it works well for you, keep doing it and start using some of the other tools available to improve your life dramatically.

Affirmations for Good Luck

You can create your good luck affirmations and use an affirmation such as “I always have great luck” or something similar that works best for you. Examples are:

  • I always have great luck
  • I am lucky in all things.
  • Lucky times are here and they are here to stay.
  • Good luck is manifesting in my life always.

Keep it short, simple, easy to remember and repeat. You can personalise it to something unique to you such as your family, your job, etc.

Your good luck affirmations should be in the present-tense, in the “now.” Repeat your affirmations first thing in the morning, before you rise out of bed, while having coffee, when you’re having a bath or shower, driving, while you are in transit, waiting, while you’re falling asleep and any time your mind isn’t focused on a specific task.

Endeavor to pay attention to what happens around you. Are you getting calls and emails that indicate that your luck is changing for the better? Are you starting to make it through green lights, getting things easier, finding better parking spaces? Look for such little things.

Whenever you notice good luck manifest or a good luck event, say something like “Wow! I DO have the greatest luck” to reinforce the event both in your own mind and the universal energy. Remember that you can add to your good luck affirmations when you come up with new ideas.

Visualization for Good Luck

Visualization is a technique in which you “see” something happening in your mind’s eye. You can get a good explanation of how to visualize HERE. With practice, it becomes easier and the things you visualize become more clear and detailed.

Visualization is somewhat akin to daydreaming, but it is done intentionally and directed by you. To visualize, close your eyes and start to imagine yourself experiencing events that have been brought on by good luck, imagine yourself experiencing what you would consider to be good luck events in your life (Please do not use this while driving or operating machinery).

As with the traffic lights or parking space example above, you would see yourself easily making it to your destination on time, with ease, in light traffic, and with every single traffic light on your way being green. Another fun one is to see yourself finding a dime, a dollar, or quarter on the ground as you walk along the way. Feel free to be creative in your imagination and it is important to personalise it and make it meaningful to your life!


Be focused and disciplined for the 30 days as you do your affirmations and visualization exercises and be observant throughout the process. It is helpful to take notes and review them at the end of the 30 days. Consider how your luck was before this and the differences you have observed. Good Luck!

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Wil.M is a Numerologist, Geek and Person who Loves to Help People. Find more information about making your own luck and the Law of Attraction at https://ness-numerology.com/

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